Facing your fears to rid anxiety and panic

By | September 26, 2018

Forcing yourself to do things

There is a difference between knowing your limits and holding yourself back. Although you should limit your stressors as to not bring on a panic attack, sometimes it is good to face your fears. Most of us with anxiety and panic have a wide variety of irrational fear. Our bodies trigger what is called the “flight or fight” response at times when it isn’t necessary. The “flight or fight” response is that feeling that you get when you get really anxious to leave or remove yourself from the situation you’re in. This is actually a good thing for us humans to have, for example if you were stuck in a room with a wild lion, it is good for this response to kick in. But for us with anxiety, this response will kick in when we go to job interviews, speak in public or maybe even leave your house. In these sort of situations it is important to not give into the flight response and stay and face your fears. The more times you do this, the faster you will get over it. Try and get to the root of the fear and ask yourself why am I afraid of this situation. The majority of the time you will find that your fear is unfounded.

A public speaker once told me that he used to be afraid to speak in front of people. He said the he thought about the reason he was afraid of this situation and figured out he was scared of making a mistake and being embarrassed. So, what he did was when he got up to make a speech in front of people, he would purposely trip or drop something as though to get his mistake over with at the very beginning. And after he did so it really freed him from his unfounded anxiety because he realized it was okay even if he did make a mistake.

So don’t be afraid of mistakes, everyone makes them every day and without them we would not learn. Get out today and start facing your fears and you will be surprised how quickly you will start losing the many anxieties you are being held back by. The more you go out and face your many fears, the sooner you will defeat them. Work on each fear one by one and watch your confidence grow and your panic and anxiety disappear.

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