Kylie Jenner Just Dyed Her Hair Back to Black for 2019

By | January 14, 2019

Obviously the most important news about Kylie Jenner right now is the fact that her Instagram record was beaten by an egg, but also she dyed her hair again. So, like, MOVE ASIDE, EGG!

Anyway, as a reminder, Kylie started the new year off right with ice blue hair…

…before switching things up with blonde:

But she just hit Instagram to show off her return to living that brunette life:

Obviously, anyone who follows Kylie knows she spends most of her year as a brunette and doesn’t seem to dye her hair too much to avoid damaging it. So, if you’re, like, extremely interested in Kylie Jenner’s Hair Journey, it’s likely that she’ll keep this look for a while. Feel free to get attached!

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