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Allergy Season Is Bad This Year. Thank Climate Disruption. – Truthout

Environment & Health Allergy Season Is Bad This Year. Thank Climate Disruption. Human Rights Bernie Sanders Proposes New Economic Bill of Rights Prisons & Policing New York Activists Are Leading the Charge on Sex Work Decriminalization War & Peace Ratifying a Nuclear Test Ban Is a First Step Toward Non-Proliferation Prisons & Policing Chicago Police… Read More »

Kylie Jenner’s Allergy Scare: What to Know About Infant Allergies – Healthline

About 8 percent of young children have food allergies. Share on PinterestKylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi reportedly had an allergic reaction. Getty Images Stormi Webster, the 16-month-old daughter of Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Kylie Jenner, recently had to visit the hospital for an allergic reaction. Jenner hasn’t disclosed details on the specific allergen that… Read More »

McDonald’s allegedly gives hot chocolate to man with deadly dairy allergy – Fox News

A mistaken drink order could have killed a man at a  McDonald’s in England. A paramedic reportedly ordered a black coffee but was accidentally given chocolate milk. Unfortunately, the customer suffers from a severe lactose allergy. All it took was one sip of the wrong beverage for a severe reaction to begin. George Brown, a 22-year-old paramedic,… Read More »