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Speaking from the Heart: 7 Essential Communication Tips for Couples

Communication is one of the biggest downfalls of otherwise healthy relationships. For the benefit of your relationship, check out these communication tips. Numerous studies have identified poor communication as the leading cause for breaking up. These 7 communication tips will improve your relationship. Poor communication is a major reason why people seek couples therapy. It’s… Read More »

The Sloth Girl from 'The Bachelor' Tells Cosmo Which Two Contestants Will Definitely Go Far

Colton Underwood might finally be The Bachelor with a reign that lives up to Chris Harrison’s promise of “the most dramatic season yet.” From contestant-leaked spoilers to the whole virginity storyline, season 23 has plenty of wildcards. The absolute wildest? Obviously, Sloth Girl. ICYMI, Sloth Girl—known as Alex Dillon when she’s not hanging out of… Read More »