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Vaping and hearing loss: Is there a link?

Studies have shown smoking cigarettes can damage your hearing, but what about vaping? Many vaping products contain chemicalsknown to be harmful to human health. There’s no conclusive research yet, but it appears that vaping indeed carries similar risks to smoking. And depending on the chemicals found in the vape juice flavoring, it may even be more… Read More »

COPD and Obesity: Is There a Dose-Response Relationship in Nonsmokers?

December 21, 2018 Share this content: Individuals who have never smoked are still at risk for COPD, particularly individuals with class I, II, and III obesity. A potential risk factor for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is obesity, but factors linking obesity to COPD in never-smokers have not received much attention, according to an analysis… Read More »